The Wedding
Set and Costume Design

Directors | Javier Marzan and John Nicholson, PEEPOLYKUS
Co - Set and Costume designer | Anne Maria Nystad
Photography | Andrew AB

Devised promenade piece across several Liverpool locations. The design established a clear aesthetic for the show which is continually knocked off track by ‘members of the public’ making the audience question where the show starts and ends. The design drew on a large collection of old family photographs as well as visual memories, both shared by the company at the start of the devising process. This meant the show remained placeless and timeless by making use of the diverse cultural references shared by the cast of 50 actors.

The show comes together at a peak when the abandonded bride marries the bellboy in the final, holy and serene space.

The design had to adapt to the devising process, finding ways to work with existing architecture, to become portable and withstand the temperamental Liverpool weather.